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Satisfaction Survey - Customer Satisfaction, Loyalty and Testimonials!

The best way to find out your customer satisfaction and loyalty, while collecting strong testimonials you can use in other sales and marketing tools, is to ask. It's that simple.

Satisfaction Survey

Most of the clients I've worked with believe they have a good handle on how their customers feel about their experience with the company and/or the product or service they've purchased.

Yet when asked what type of measurement system they have in place to regularly track customer satisfaction...sadly I find it is measured by more of a "gut-feeling" than any true representation. Further, when I ask how many of their customers would refer their company/product to others, I find it is more of a "guesstimate." Finally, when I look for customer testimonials to support their claims, I find few if any (most companies struggle with how to collect customer testimonials).

The Client/Customer Satisfaction Survey is the answer. The best way to find out your customer satisfaction and loyalty, while collecting strong testimonials you can use in other sales and marketing tools, is to ask. It's that simple.

Okay, maybe it's a little easier said than done! Here are a few tips to make it easier:

Timing. The best time to get relevant feedback is when the experience is freshest! For this reason, I recommend you conduct your survey as soon after you deliver your product/service as possible. For some companies, this frequency is operationally burdensome, so I recommend an annual survey at the minimum.

Format. You will want to consider your audience when choosing your survey format (web, phone, or fax). If you have a small group of customers, you could conduct the surveys by phone or in-person, however I do find you will receive more candid responses if done through a web survey.

Questions. Be sure to keep your survey to no more than 8 questions so that your respondents are not overwhelmed. Also, be sure to cover both satisfaction AND loyalty questions about your company and/or your product.

Follow-Through. You must be willing to take action on the results, but more than that you must tell your customers what actions you plan to take! I recommend a "letter of action" be sent to all respondents outlining the results and your response to them. Or, at the very least thank them for their time with a gift (a coffee card, company promotional item, a book on the industry, or something similar ought to do the trick.)

Testimonial. Testimonials are one of the most powerful weapons you have in your sales and marketing toolbox. However, many companies struggle with how to obtain them. I've found the client satisfaction survey to be one of the most fertile grounds for these valuable nuggets. Using the comments provided in the comment box, you should be able to assemble some excellent testimonials. Your eighth and final question should be aimed at gaining permission to do so.

Creating a routine operational process for customer satisfaction surveys will help you retain happy customers, and provide the testimonial quotes needed to share their satisfaction with your prospects!

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